US Government Agency Chooses PDF Studio on Solaris!

Leila Caison, Qoppa Software's Director of Product comments ‚??PDF Studio is compelling to big government agencies running on Linux and Unix systems. It has a low price of entry, yet it is fully featured and avoids the JavaScript vulnerabilities suffered by some competitors...

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Dell and HP to Certify and Resell all Three Oracle Operating Systems - Oracle Solaris...

Oracle today announced Dell and HP will certify and resell Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM on their respective x86 platforms. Customers will have full access to Oracle‚??s Premier Support for Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM running on Dell and HP servers...

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Oracle Reintroduces Solaris Support for non-Oracle x86 Hardware

What is different from before the merger is that Oracle intends to offer support directly to all users. In the past for example, other companies would have provided front-line support. But now Oracle will take on that role and thus keep a direct relationship with all non Sun hardware x86 Solaris customers as a result...

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OpenSolaris now on Toshiba laptops

The laptops will be available in the US from early 2009 and will come with the latest version of OpenSolaris: 2008.11. "Toshiba and Sun are announcing that we're going to pre-configure and optimise OpenSolaris for certain Toshiba models," said Jim McHugh, Sun's vice president of datacentre software, in a promotional video...

Posted 2008-12-14, 22:37 GMT  Read more

Sun, IBM Ink Solaris Distribution Agreement for Servers

While Sun has been testing and certifying that Solaris 10 will run on various X86 and X64 servers from IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and others, are finding that having Sun or the OpenSolaris community attest to the usability of Solaris on a particular box is not the same thing as having the maker of that box actually sell the operating system on the machine and guarantee that the drivers all work...

Posted 2007-12-01, 11:56 GMT  Read more



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