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Solaris x86 Community Representatives has been elected through on-line voting that took place Jan 18-19, 2002 (see archived message). Their task is to represent community interests during meetings and phone conferences with Sun executives. The current Representatives, also called The Secret Six, are (in alphabetical order):

  • Philip Brown
    Philip Brown has been a Sun System Adminstrator and programmer for around 10 years. he has a degree in Computer Science from U.C. Santa Cruz, and is involved in various free software project that run on Solaris, including utah-glx, filter, and pkg-get. Philip has been a pioneer in free driver software for Solaris, and offers both drivers, and driver-writing tips, on his driver-writing pages. He also coordinates the Solaris free software packaging effort at blastwave.org.

     Philip's home page

  • Alan DuBoff
    Alan has specialized in System and Application level programming for more than 20 years. Offers consulting services ranging from Embedded Linux all the way up to UNIX in the Enterprise. Has been an advocate of Solaris running on both SPARC and x86 processors. Alan programs in most all popular languages on Linux/UNIX including C/C++, Perl, TCL, Expect, Java, PHP, shell scripting, and more. Alan also has database expertise in most all popular database environments.

     Alan's home page

  • Carl Erhorn
  • Sascha Ferley
  • Bruce Riddle
  • John Weekley

People who work on the site on a regular basis (in alphabetical order):

  • Phillip B. Bruce
  • Sascha Ferley
  • John D. Groenveld
  • Matthias Kurz
  • Bruce Riddle
  • John Weekley
  • Mariusz Zynel

We appreciate contribution of (in alphabetical order):

  • Andreas Almroth
  • Garrett D'Amore
  • Ola Eriksson
  • Wojciech Majewski
  • Richard Mathews
  • Masayuki Murayama
  • Keith Parkansky
  • Lance Spitzner

We are grateful for suggestions and testing the web site for (in alphabetical order):

  • Carl Erhorn
  • Jon LaBadie
  • Michael Riley
Last modified: 2011-10-28