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We are waiting for your feedback. All comments and suggestions of improvements are very welcome. Please report all broken links, misspelled words and unclear phrases you find. Attach the full URL to let us track the problem down easier.

What is missing on Solaris-x86.org website? Do you find this site helpful? What kind of information you expected to see here? Please let us know.

We invite you to collaborate. If you have an idea and some time to devote to Solaris-x86.org website let us know. For donations of articles, tutorials, howtos, FAQs and the like we, and the entire community, will be very grateful. Everyone participating in this enterprise will be recognized for her/his work.

Do not hesitate to write to webmaster@solaris-x86.org. Alternatively you can fill in the form below and your message will be sent directly to the webmaster.

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Last modified: 2003-02-12