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Marc van den Berg

# 0021

2010-07-16, 13:51 GMT

Good to see that there are still numerous software downloads available, the tutorials are good for fundamental knowledge and the nic troubleshooting is a highlight. Overall good site and added the link to my own page to this site.

Edward Huang

# 0020

2007-12-28, 03:35 GMT

Thank you so much for your Realtek troubleshooting. I had not only Realtek 8139 (no name brand) but also 3com 3c905B-TX NIC with all packets "Ierrs" in netstat. These are working fine after try your disabling ACPI and IOAPIC on this Solaris 10 X86 U4 GA on ASUS P5VD2-VM motherboard. There were some warnings about interrupts in messages too.


# 0019

2006-09-08, 07:28 GMT

looks like an update to the site is a bit overdue, Its Solaris 8 all over the place.


# 0018

2005-06-01, 13:10 GMT

Clear and concise information. I was able to find information about configuring NIC - info about certain smaller aspects that other web sites (incl. sun documentation) just assumed that you knew about!!!



# 0017

2004-12-23, 04:34 GMT

Good job!

Just a little note, the page http://faq.solaris-x86.org/ is very outdated.

Merry Christmas and have a sunnier 2005. e1

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