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Thanh Nguyen

# 0006

2002-09-30, 21:32 GMT


Just wanted to say this is a very helpful website. It got me started with Apache and Sendmail configuration. It was nice and straight to the point.

Thanks guys!!!

Damir Imamovic

# 0005

2002-09-05, 13:42 GMT

HI guys,

I'm writing you from Bosnia and I just want to say that you are doing great job. Sun must realize that not all of us can afford expensive sparc based servers and workstations, so they must get in to Intel market and doing that with Solaris x86 and porting their Sun ONE platform will give them advantage over MS and others.

Leandro Takeda

# 0004

2002-06-29, 11:16 GMT

Hi I live actually in Brasil and i use the Solaris 8 for intel plataform ...

Congratulation for your work good ... solaris - x86 group !

Yuki Arif

# 0003

2002-05-16, 15:05 GMT

Nice and important web site. I download all article. More How to are needed. Such as : mirroring hard disk, restoring crased machine, etc..etc

Michael Lyle

# 0002

2002-03-27, 20:37 GMT

Great site! I especially like the layout and color scheme: not too flashy, and easy to read. The content is very good also, and I am looking forward to you filling in the blank areas.

Keep up the good work! Thanks.

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