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This is a proposal only - not fully functional

This page will help you with selection of hardware. The list provides information on hardware known to work with Solaris x86. In case of problematic hardware, instructions on installation are included. References to software drivers are given if drivers are not included in Solaris OS.

This HCL is unofficial. For the official HCL, provided by Sun, visit: http://soldc.sun.com. The list presented here is fully maintained by Solaris x86 users, and contains hardware which works with Solaris x86, with or without specific installation procedure, while the list provided by Sun contains only certified hardware.

Note that hardware vendors may release various variants of a particular equipment under a common marketing name. Some variants may work with Solaris while others not. Please always check the revision number of your piece of hardware.

For laptops there is a separate page: http://laptops.solaris-x86.org, where you can check if your hardware is supported, or add new hardware to the list.

Last modified: 2003-02-13