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 Solaris XFree86 Video Drivers and Porting Kit

The Solaris XFree86 Video Drivers and Porting Kit enables you to use XFree86 video drivers with the X Window System server for Solaris 8 (x86 Platform Edition) or for Solaris 9 (x86 Platform Edition). The Solaris XFree86 Video Drivers and Porting Kit expands significantly the number of video devices that work with Solaris on x86 platforms.

See the comparison matrix between Sun, XFree86 and Xi Graphics software.

Jürgen Keil provided the updated Solaris XFree86 Video Drivers and Porting Kit based on XFree86 4.3.0.

 USB DDK v. 0.9.

New features include Solaris Express Debug binaries, Solaris x86 platform support, USB Serial drivers, and sample drivers and applications.


 Wireless Networking for OpenSolaris

Solaris WiFi team is working on adding support for some of the most popular wireless network cards to Solaris. All of the drivers and tools produced by the team will be pre-released to the OpenSolaris community and then integrated into Solaris.

At the moment there is support for:

  • Atheros 52xx Chipset,
  • Intel Pro/Wireless 2100 Chipset,
  • Intel Pro/Wireless 2200BG/2915ABG Chipsets,
  • 32-bit PC Cards.

 Philip Brown's driver collection

A collection of drivers for USB devices like Wacom tablet, Epson scanner and Logitech wheel, as well as CPU temperature monitoring driver, AGP driver and well known SB128/SB16 driver (jointly written with Jürgen Keil) for SoundBlaster audio card fammily.

 Garrett D'Amore ethernet drivers

There is support for several different chips and numerous cards from a variety of vendors. Source and binaries are available, under a BSD-ish license. At the moment the following chips are supported: ADM9511, ADM9513, AL981, AN983, AN983B, AN985, EN5251, LC82C115, MX98713, MX98715, and MX98725.

 Jürgen Keil drivers

Audio drivers for sound cards based on Ensoniq 1370/1371 or compatible chips: Creative Labs SoundBlaster 16PCI, SoundBlaster PCI 128, SoundBlaster 4.1 Digital, as well as for audio controller AC97 built into Intel i810, i815, i850, 440mx chipsets and VIA Apollo KT133, KT266, KT266A, Pro266, Pro266T chipsets. There are also video drivers for ATI Radeon, PS/2 Wheelmouse driver, RealPlayer, Flash plugin for Netscape and some tools.

 Masayuki Murayama's driver collection

Drivers for the following network cards and chips are available:

  • 3COM 3C589 PCMCIA,
  • DP83815 and SiS900 fast ethernet chips,
  • VIA Rhine family fast ethernet chips,
  • Realtek RTL 8129 / 813x / 810x family fast ethernet chips,
  • NE2000 compatible PCI/PCMCIA ethernet cards,
  • Sundance Technology ST201 fast ethernet chips,
  • 2114x fast ethernet chipset,
  • bcm4401 fast ethernet chipset,
  • TI ThunderLAN fast ethernet chipset,
  • Intel 8255x fast ethernet chipset,
  • SMSC epic fast ethernet chipset series,
  • Realtek rtl8169 and rtl8110 GbE chipset,
  • VIA VT6122 GbE chipset,
  • nVIDIA nForce chipset built-in ethernet controller,
  • Realtek rtl8150 usb1.x to fast ethernet controller,
  • ASIX AX88172 usb2.0 to fast ethernet controller.


A hardware accelerated implementation of OpenGL and the GLX protocol. The driver provides 3D support for many popular graphic cards.

 Xi Graphics PCMCIA patch

Additional PC Card (PCMCIA) adapter support for Solaris 6, 7 and 8 x86. This package tries to work around a problem in the Solaris bus enumerator boot code. While it detects that a PCMCIA bridge is present, it does not properly initialize the bridge, and therefore it is not available when the system boots. What this package does is to force the bridge into an ISA only mode so that the bridge is usable after boot. Of course this means that CardBus cards cannot be used with this package. This package does not provide support for any of the Solaris Card specific drivers, so if your card is not on the Solaris HCL, it still will not work with this patch.

 Broadcom - NetXtreme BCM570x
 Intel - Gigabit Ethernet
 Lexmark - the driver works with HP, IBM and other printers
 Marvell - Yukon Gigabit Ethernet
 Symbios/LSI Logic

 4Front Technologies

Open Sound System (OSS) is the first attempt in unifying the digital audio architecture for UNIX. OSS is a set of device drivers that provide a uniform API across all the major UNIX architectures. It supports Sound Blaster or Windows Sound System compatible sound cards which can be plugged into any UNIX workstation supporting the ISA or PCI bus architecture. OSS also supports workstations with on-board digital audio hardware.

 LynnSoft PC Card Software

The LynnSoft PC Card Software for Solaris allows you to utilize the PC Card Technology under your Solaris Operating System for both SPARC and x86 platforms while supporting a multitude of PC Cards ranging from LAN, Fax/Modem and SCSI cards.

 Xi Graphics

Xi Graphics, Inc. specializes in creating high-performance, premium quality graphics software to support graphics hardware primarily on computer platforms running Unix/Linux systems, and occasionally other OSx.

See the comparison matrix between Sun, XFree86 and Xi Graphics software.

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