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December 1, 2003

Sun Attendees

  • Chris Baker
  • Eric Boutilier
  • Alan DuBoff

Community Attendees

  • Phil Brown
  • Sascha Ferley
  • Bruce Riddle
  • Rich Teer
  • John Weekley
  • Mariusz Zynel

Eric Boutilier joins Engineering

Eric kicked things off by announcing that he is now reporting to in Solaris x86 Engineering. Eric will be focusing on community and less of product marketing (i.e., Companion CD). Eric is working out of Chicago and will be working with Alan DuBoff on the community efforts.

Community mailing list

Seems like it's going well on Yahoo with solarisx86, but we still see problems that we've seen from Yahoo and will most likely continue for the unforeseeable future. Yahoo reports that everything is normal. We currently have just shy of 400 users on the solarisx86 mailing list located on Yahoo.

Portal Plans

Working to expand our presence outside of Sun. We're in negotiations with Collabnet to try and relocate that. We have a concept where the community will manage the projects and/or mailing lists. Alan ran by some of the plan where we would have projects located on Collabnet and have the community manage them. Rich Teer mentioned the possibility of getting AMD to sponsor this effort. Alan will check with his AMD contact to see if that is possible without complicating the issues and/or bogging things down.


Bruce Riddle has the archives from the previous solarisonintel, and has about 43,000 messages, going back to approximately Feb. of 2000. Yahoo is going to change their ad policy in January, and things could get worse in regards to SPAM and/or ads.


We plan to continue Installfests and help internal as well as external where possible to hold Installfests.

Sun Community Programs

We will be working more with some of the other organizations in Sun to merge our efforts, such as http://sunsource.net and similar. http://www.sun.com/edu also has several programs.

Community Bug Reporting

Eric mentioned that we've not moved forward hard on this issue since most of the big bugs have still been filed by folks such as Dan Mick and Mike Riley, and in addition as we move to the portal there will be bug reporting which can integrate with BugTraq for the long haul.


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