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January 12, 2004

Sun Attendees

  • Vicki Abe
  • Chris Baker
  • Eric Boutilier
  • Alan DuBoff

Community Attendees

  • Phil Brown
  • Steve Christensen
  • Sascha Ferley
  • Bruce Riddle
  • Joerg Schiling
  • Rich Teer
  • Mariusz Zynel

Bootloader changes

There will probably not be any new bootloader until after 10, as there is a lot of work to be done. Joerg mentioned that mkisofs was able to build a SPARC and x86 bootable CD. Chris mentioned that we have to be careful about the license agreement.

Vicki introduces herself

Vicki explained she's working in the IHV department for Solaris x86 and how they're engaging corporations and/or the community to get driver work done. Vicki also explained how Sun needs to focus on solid business cases to make the long term work.

Intel Centrino

Phil mentioned Intel Centrino and Chris and Vicki stated that we need to pursue that. Sascha mentioned there is an Intel Pro 2100 wireless in the form of pcmcia_in.c in the OpenBSD project. This needs to be researched to fully understand what is and/or isn't there. This would be the first device driver for the Intel Pro 2100 Wireless adapter. It's not clear how that would relate to PCMCIA as the package name implies, since most of the Centrino wireless adapters were thought to be miniPCI based.

Solaris 10 BETA program

Chris confirmed that a Beta program for Solaris 10 would be offered under the name "Customer Acceptance Release"; this is a managed program requiring commitment from both Sun and a partner to test and report back on certain features. This will be offered in addition to the Software Express program.

Solaris 9U6 BETA program

Rich Teer asked if there was going to be a S9U6 (04/04) BETA, and Chris looked that up and replied it was to start on 01/19/04.

EDU Program

Sascha asked about the EDU program and how he can get the sales reps to be more educated on their programs. Currently he has to go to San Antonio in the US to get answers in a decent amount of time. Phil mentioned he thought that Sun was looking for more exposure to schools and students, but the sales reps don't seem to know about it. Eric, Chris, and Alan will take this as an Action Item offline.

Device Drivers

No news to speak of, but Sascha was asking about an update on the device driver front.


Migration was brought up, everyone is positive towards moving, and Collabnet seems to be positive to work with us. Sun has a meeting with Collabnet on this Wed.


Eric mentioned he installed it on a laptop last week and had a wonderful experience with the current JDS. Sascha asked about StarOffice and it was stated that StarOffice will happen at a separate, and earlier date. Sascha mentioned that ms documents still seem to have problems and wanted to know if the StarOffice 7 would handle that better. No time frames at this point on a release of JDS for Solaris x86. This is still anticipated later this year as announced at Comdex.


Joerg was having a problem where the NFS is very slow on Solaris x86, and better performance on Linux. His servers were previously running Linux and due to management issues, he moved them to Solaris x86. There are several systems from company that use NFS to deliver data to the server on a large German website. Alan agreed to follow up with the NFS team.