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February 4, 2004

Sun Attendees

  • Vicki Abe
  • Chris Baker
  • Eric Boutilier
  • Alan DuBoff

Community Attendees

  • Phil Brown
  • Steve Christensen
  • Dennis Clarke
  • Bruce Riddle
  • Joerg Schiling
  • Mariusz Zynel

StarOffice 7

There is no plan as we understand it to revise the currently shipping retail product; web based fulfillment is offered. We'll provide feedback to SO product management regarding concerns over product parity.

Install CD

Boot and install are underway but there aren't currently any roadmap to when it will become available.


The current message about Linux products are happening in relation to the current market vs. Sun's long term plans. Dennis posed the question on when JDS for Solaris x86 would be available. It was explained how Sun needed to go to market and needed to decide on what they had available now, not in the future. Part of the issue seems to be based more on the fact that people are upset that we talk about Linux more than we should. It was also pointed out that there are customers that do not want to move to Linux and are waiting for Solaris, so we do know that we need this. The buzz on Wall Street is amazing, as is for other sectors, since JDS (irrespective of underlying OS) allows Sun sales to present a compelling end-to-end solution set.

32 bit on 64 bit OS

Joerg pointed out that it is not possible for Linux to take advantage of running 32 bit applications in all cases as the device drivers do not have the hooks in them to support full compatibility support of 64 bit.


LinCat is a useful tool for code inspection for moving source and scripts from Linux to Solaris and vice versa. The question of how much should Sun make Solaris and Linux compatible from an API standpoint. It was pointed out that some people feel that the compatibility is not needed.


Phil mentioned that Sun is not doing a good job at notifying and working with the universities, and it was asked if this is the case with all universities. It was voiced that Sun needs to address the universities in an aggressive way. Mariusz stated in Poland it is not known that Solaris runs on PCs. Phil will pass along his sales rep and Sun will look into what is happening in this area. It was asked whether Phil has looked at the EDU page. He has, but feels that it's too hard to find. Sun will try and get a representative from that area to join the Cabal meeting next month if possible.

http://www.sun.com/education/ and specifically EduSoft at: http://www.sun.com/products-n-solutions/edu/promotions/

Solaris Express Subscriptions

Beta accounts for SX have expired; Eric agreed to ask the program manager for continued subscription to the program to enable ongoing reporting bugs with some guarantee of response from Sun.This has since been actioned. Dennis Clarke offered to put Solaris Express on an x86 box so the members of Blastwave could use it and report bugs through his paid subscription.

Companion CD

Development continues, with updated release to ship with 4/04 update release.