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If you have found something in the press, on the Internet or somewhere else, that might be of interest to Solaris x86 community, please share the news with us. Fill in the form below and the text will be added to News section.

Please do not abuse the lack of moderation. Inadequate messages will be deleted and the sender recorded in the black list. Required fields are marked with red.

A. News to submit
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Feel free to enter your own comments or quote a couple of lines from the article. The following HTML tags can be used:
  • <p> - to start a new paragraph,
  • <b>TEXT</b> - to render TEXT in boldface,
  • <i>TEXT</i> - to render TEXT in italics,
  • <a href="URL">TEXT</a> - to make TEXT point to URL.
Before inserting a hyper-link please verify it is correct, also check spelling of the entire text. You will not be able to modify your posting after submission is complete. You are allowed to enter up to 2000 characters.
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Type in the name of the magazine, newspaper or news-center where the quoted article is published. The text you enter will point to the location specified below.
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Last modified: 2002-03-17