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Solaris 'Next' Gets Closer to Launch

While hammering out plans to become compatible with Windows, Sun Microsystems (Quote, Chart) is advancing its own Solaris server operating system.

The Santa Clara, Calif., network computer maker Wednesday released the sixth update to Solaris 9 and previewed pieces of Solaris 10 for developers and partners to test in their systems. Sun has been supplying a steady stream of software builds for the next generation OS on a monthly basis as part of its Solaris Express program. Sun plans to release Solaris 10 later this year.

More: Internetnews.com

Posted 2004-04-19, 03:11 GMT by Mariusz Zynel


"As the only Enterprise-class UNIX available on the x86 platform, Solaris 10 is uniquely positioned as the logical alternative for HP/UX and AIX customers that have been abandoned by their vendors on AMD Opteron processor-based and Intel systems," said John Loiacono, executive vice president, software, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Sun is able to help customers ensure a consistent, secure and high quality migration to the x86 platform on AMD Opteron processor-based systems, or expansion and growth on the SPARC platform."

More: Sun Press Release

Posted 2004-04-12, 23:28 GMT by John Groenveld

Sun Microsystems and Rackable Systems Agree to Offer Solaris OS on Rackable Systems X86 Servers

Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Rackable Systems, a leading manufacturer of rack-mount servers for large-scale data center deployments, today announced they signed an agreement whereby Rackable Systems will distribute the Solaris(TM) Operating System for x86 platforms on its industry-first, thermally efficient servers, which can provide twice the density of standard rack-mount solutions with only half the form factor depth. Rackable Systems customers can benefit from the Solaris OS on a variety of platforms, including AMD Opteron(TM) and Intel (R) Xeon (TM) processor-based systems. This agreement further extends the reach of the cost- effective, enterprise-ready and rock solid Solaris OS and helps Sun and Rackable Systems to expand their offerings of integrated solutions

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Posted 2004-04-08, 00:47 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Commentary: Sun also rises

Combined with the option of Solaris x86 on Advanced Micro Devices or Intel, customers can get the lower costs they were looking for in Linux on Intel without giving up access to the robust Solaris features or Sun's high-end hardware.

More: Forrester Research for CNET News.com

Posted 2004-04-05, 22:15 GMT by John Groenveld

Get the Facts about Sun and x86

In the past year, Sun has been delivering low-cost, x86 solutions that give customers choice - a choice of Solaris or Linux operating systems, a choice of 32- or 64-bit microprocessors - with full front-line support available for each.

More: Sun.com

Posted 2004-04-04, 12:58 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

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