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BEA and Sun Commit to Deliver BEA WebLogic Platform on Solaris OS x86 Platform Edition

Availability of BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1 on Sun's low cost, high performance Solaris OS x86 platform edition is expected by mid-2004, and includes support for BEA WebLogic Server(TM), BEA WebLogic Portal(TM), BEA WebLogic Integration(TM) and BEA WebLogic Workshop(TM). Furthermore, Sun and BEA are currently working on joint marketing and sales programs to address the growing interest and adoption of the Solaris OS on x86 platform among BEA's customers and partner community.

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Posted 2003-11-20, 19:19 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

AMD's Opteron to Power Sun Fire Servers

The alliance between the two companies will fuel Sun's aggressive push into the low-end x86 server market while giving AMD the much-needed support of a major OEM. IBM, of Armonk, N.Y., gave its support of Opteron when the chip was released in April and has since rolled out the eServer 325, an Opteron-based system aimed at the high performance computing space.

Currently, customers can run Solaris on Opteron in 32-bit mode, and will make 64-bit Solaris for Opteron available in the second half of 2004. The two companies also will create an iForce Partner Program for software vendors and developers who are writing or porting applications to Solaris. The program will include a developer resource kit, which is available at both www.sun.com/amd and www.amd.com/sun.

Sun said it will use AMD's Opteron processors in a line of low-cost Sun Fire servers that it will begin shipping in early 2004. The Santa Clara, Calif., maker of network servers also said that it has developed versions of Linux, Java and its Solaris operating system to run on Opteron-powered servers.

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Posted 2003-11-19, 00:02 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Sun and AMD toast their Opteron marriage

Over the next year, Sun will roll out two and four processor Opteron servers. The systems will be available with Linux and Sun's own Solaris x86 operating system in both 32bit and 64bit flavors. Sun also intends to work with AMD on larger SMP designs in the future.

Developers will have access to the Sun servers by the end of this year. A generally available 64bit version of Solaris x86 will be ready by the middle of next year.

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Posted 2003-11-19, 00:00 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Sun rises on AMD's new Opterons

Advanced Micro Devices got a vote of support from Sun Microsystems and added three new models to its stable of 64-bit Opteron processors for servers.

The chipmaker, which announced a partnership with Sun Microsystems at this week's Comdex trade show, launched the new Opterons--models 148, 248 and 848--early Monday. The new models, which run at 2.2GHz, represent an increase in performance for the chip family.

Sun said in a statement that it will introduce two- and four-processor Sun Fire servers, which contain the chip, over the course of 2004. Meanwhile, AMD hopes the Opteron and the Sun partnership will work as a fulcrum that catapults its revenue by winning more business from corporations. To date, the chip has seen a string of wins in supercomputers and also high-performance computing clusters.

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Posted 2003-11-18, 23:56 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Sun teams with AMD for AMD Opteron processor-based systems

On November 17 at COMDEX, Sun Microsystems announced that it has teamed with AMD to deliver AMD Opteron processor-based x86 systems to customers in the next calendar year. By joining 20 years of enterprise expertise with the industry economics of x86, Sun will deliver systems that provide extreme performance at compelling prices, as well as a growth path to 64-bit x86 computing.

Sun will add AMD Opteron processor-based x86 to its current line of entry-level systems, giving customers greater platform choice with maximum price-performance. Further, Sun and AMD will work together to optimize the Solaris Operating System for AMD Opteron 64-bit processors, which will enable customers to take advantage of the industry's number one UNIX platform and binary compatibility between 32- and 64-bit environments.

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Posted 2003-11-17, 20:26 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

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