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BigAdmin XPerts

Sun has a new Xpert session starting today: Solaris x86 with Michael Riley of Sun.

Michael Riley is is an active member of the SolarisOnIntel group.

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Posted 2003-06-19, 18:58 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Showdown: Solaris vs. Linux

According to Sun, x86 Solaris and Linux differ in terms of scale and reliability. "Solaris is a much more mature operating system -- it has greater predictability, is more stable -- and applications behave better," Bill Moffitt, group product manager for operating systems at Sun, told NewsFactor. Solaris x86 also comes with a volume manager and a resource manager that enables server consolidation, capabilities absent from most Linux distros.

Even if Sun does scale up its hardware to support industrial-strength Linux applications, Solaris will remain the focal point. And if Sun can line up other hardware vendors to support Solaris, who knows how intense the battle might become

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Posted 2003-06-04, 01:48 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Oracle and Sun bring choice, innovation and value to low cost computing

SAN FRANCISCO, May. 19, 2003 - Sun and Oracle Corp. (NASDAQ:ORCL) today announced an expansion of their 20-year strategic alliance to include support for Oracle products on Sun's full line of Solaris(TM) Operating System (OS), Solaris OS for x86 and Linux systems.

"Sun and Oracle have established the standard for enterprise computing over the last two decades. Today's announcements send the strongest possible signal that Sun and Oracle will together make low-cost computing platforms ready for prime time in the enterprise," said Mark Tolliver,executive vice president of marketing and strategy for Sun. "Lowest acquisition cost will be just one dimension of what we deliver. Together we're going to bring a new level of simplicity and manageability that significantly reduces the total cost of ownership for customers. Sun is the best platform for Oracle and we are now poised to extend that leadership to systems running Solaris x86 and unbreakable Linux."

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Posted 2003-06-04, 00:03 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

64-bit Solaris for Opteron coming

Sun Microsystems is attacking the low end x86-based server market with force, as it has announcements around both AMD's Opteron processor and Intel's Xeon processor on the way, executives said today.

Scott McNealy, Sun's CEO, Chairman and President, said in an interview that the company has already started work on a 64-bit version of Solaris for AMD's Operton chip. This move shows far more support for AMD's new chip than Sun first indicated with an announcement this week for only a 32-bit version of OS on Opteron.

"We're doing that," McNealy said. "The investment is happening. It's not hard to get 64-bit since Solaris is a 64-bit OS. That was probably understated at the launch. We just wanted to make sure we were out of the block with what we had ready."

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Posted 2003-04-24, 18:05 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Sun plans software support for Opteron

"We are very excited to work with AMD on this new opportunity, as the availability of Solaris, Java and Sun ONE on AMD Opteron provides our customers and partners with a highly reliable, secure, enterprise-ready platform for deploying applications and Web services," Jonathan Schwartz, executive vice president of software for Sun, said in a statement.

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Posted 2003-04-22, 14:47 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

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