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64-bit Solaris for Opteron coming

Sun Microsystems is attacking the low end x86-based server market with force, as it has announcements around both AMD's Opteron processor and Intel's Xeon processor on the way, executives said today.

Scott McNealy, Sun's CEO, Chairman and President, said in an interview that the company has already started work on a 64-bit version of Solaris for AMD's Operton chip. This move shows far more support for AMD's new chip than Sun first indicated with an announcement this week for only a 32-bit version of OS on Opteron.

"We're doing that," McNealy said. "The investment is happening. It's not hard to get 64-bit since Solaris is a 64-bit OS. That was probably understated at the launch. We just wanted to make sure we were out of the block with what we had ready."

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Posted 2003-04-24, 18:05 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Sun plans software support for Opteron

"We are very excited to work with AMD on this new opportunity, as the availability of Solaris, Java and Sun ONE on AMD Opteron provides our customers and partners with a highly reliable, secure, enterprise-ready platform for deploying applications and Web services," Jonathan Schwartz, executive vice president of software for Sun, said in a statement.

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Posted 2003-04-22, 14:47 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

McNealy: Sun Will Beat Dell On x86 System Pricing

Sun Microsystems Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy Wednesday told about 600 partners here that Sun is aggressively implementing a "state-of-the-art" x86 system strategy with pricing below that of rival Dell Computer.

"We are going to give you a great, state-of-the-art, priced below Dell x86 strategy," said McNealy, speaking at the iForce Partner Summit. " Why? Because we can. We get it from the same manufacturer, the same Asian assembler, through the same Intel."

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Posted 2003-04-11, 01:13 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Sun likely to use AMD's Opteron chip

"Can we commit to using Opteron today? No," Loiacono said. "Can we use it? Are we likely to use it? Yes."

More: CNET

Posted 2003-04-09, 06:16 GMT by Bruce Riddle

Sun Rolls Out Trusted Solaris for x86

"We're very serious about Solaris on the x86 platform. This is yet another show of commitment from us," said Anil Gadre

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Posted 2003-04-09, 06:09 GMT by Bruce Riddle

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