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Sun and Linux

Sun has made lots of Linux announcements lately. The company has unveiled plans to build its own version of the Linux OS, and to release a line of x86-based Linux servers. Here is a rundown of Sun's Linux timeline to date.

Sun shines brightly on Linux. Sun creating more standardized Linux? Linux and Solaris: Kissing cousins. The Linux love affair.

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Posted 2002-04-15, 19:34 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Solaris on Laptops

People always look twice when they see the laptop. They ask, "You're running what?" We always have to say, "Yes, it is Solaris, the OS that runs on SPARC."

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Posted 2002-03-29, 20:35 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Graham Lovell's progress status

Since my last status there have been interactions between the secret six and me on crafting proposals which are being considered by senior execs in Sun. While I cannot yet reveal the content of those proposals, they are targeted at greater community/customer involvement with the Solaris x86 product.

Also, last week we held the Sun internal meeting to review the engineering processes by which we sustain the Solaris x86 product (necessary because of the common and platform specific code segments). While the work is not complete at this time (pending outcome of the above proposals) there is now an understanding of how we might begin to re-design our processes to fit with community engagements to our mutual benefit.

Signed by: Graham Lovell - Solaris Software Marketing

Posted 2002-03-22, 15:10 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Solaris on Intel issue still burning hot

Clearly the controversy over pulling support on Intel for Solaris 9 has not died down. The Yahoo and SeachSolaris discussion groups are still hopping, and Sun's Secret Six have met and are working with Sun on a solution.

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Posted 2002-03-19, 22:36 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Sun emphatically clarifies Its Solaris-Linux Strategy

No matter how much Sun Microsystems Inc doesn't like it, selling Linux servers based on Intel-compatible processors complicates the pat, streamlined, self-reflecting Sparc-Solaris marketing message which has been the company's hallmark since it got into the server business for real in the early 1990s and stormed the enterprise in the mid-1990s.

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Posted 2002-03-11, 16:52 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

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