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Symantec to Support Sun Fire x64 Systems

Symantec Corp. today announced that it is broadening its support of Sun Microsystems technologies to include the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) on the AMD Opteron processor-based Sun Fire systems with its VERITAS Storage Foundation, VERITAS Cluster Server, and VERITAS NetBackup client solutions. This expanded support will enable Symantec to continue to deliver best-in-class data center management and availability solutions on the Solaris 10 OS for any size enterprise requiring affordable performance.

More: Symantec

Posted 2006-02-15, 23:59 GMT by Mariusz Zynel


RealPlayer testing/evaluation package is now available.

More: helixcommunity.org

Posted 2005-12-12, 16:31 GMT by ajheaps

Get Solaris help on IRC right from the web !

Solarisforums.com is proud to offer free web-based IRC chat that links you directly in real-time to hundreds of Solaris professionals and gurus within seconds.

More: Solarisforums.com

Posted 2005-12-05, 03:45 GMT by Ryan Clark

Sun Studio 11 available free of charge

Sun Studio 11 development environment - C, C++ and Fortran for Solaris and Linux, Sparc, x86 and x64 is now available free of charge.

More: Download here.

Posted 2005-11-17, 16:36 GMT by ajheaps

Sun to update Solaris 10 by year end

Sun Microsystems plans to release the first update to Solaris 10 by the end of the year, adding an overhauled start-up process, software update feature and performance improvements.

"We'll ship the first update for Solaris 10 before the end of the year," said Chris Ratcliffe, director of Solaris marketing. Sun updates its operating system roughly quarterly, but doesn't begin the process for six to 12 months after the release of a major new version, he said.

More: News.com

Posted 2005-10-25, 15:21 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

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