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New Sun group aims to stem Wall Street defections

Sun Microsystems has created a new group chartered with shoring up its business on Wall Street. Called the Capital Markets Group, it will be headed by 16-year Sun Veteran Stuart Wells, who will report directly to Sun President and Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Schwartz.

The group, expected eventually to have a staff of 20, was set up in June for the purpose of promoting Sun's Opteron-based servers and Solaris 10 operating system in the financial sector, said Wells, who was recently made senior vice president of Wall Street Technologies at Sun

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Posted 2004-08-01, 14:28 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Oracle 10g for Solaris x86

Yet more software for Solaris x86. This time from Oracle. Developer's Release of Oracle Database 10g software can be downloaded here.

Posted 2004-08-01, 14:25 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Sun Studio 9

The dream of parity between Sparc and x86 seems to come true. The Sun Studio 9 is now available for Sparc and x86 architecture. Both versions went FCS at the same time.

Posted 2004-08-01, 13:59 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Update: Sun adding third-party support to JES

Sun Microsystems Inc. is extending support for its Java Enterprise System (JES) to third-party operating systems and hardware platforms in a move aimed at gaining more uptake for the server software and throwing more weight behind its pricing model, the company said Tuesday.

More: Infoworld

Posted 2004-07-30, 05:36 GMT by alan pae

Damn it Jim, I'm a computer not a doctor

Sun Microsystems has finally made the shift from key Opteron braggart to key Opteron vendor with the release of three new systems.

More: The Register

Posted 2004-07-28, 01:21 GMT by alan pae

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