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Solaris on Intel: Here We Go Again

Back when we built computers with stone knives and bear skins?OK, 1993?I reviewed the first version of Solaris for Intel for PC Magazine. I liked it. I also noticed at the time that Solaris on Intel wasn't the equal of Solaris on SPARC. It never did catch up.

It didn't because Sun didn't want it to catch up. And why was that? It was because Sun was making a lot more money from its SPARC hardware than from its software.

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Posted 2004-05-24, 21:04 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Can Sun mature from Xeon boy to x86 man?

Earlier this week, Sun officially placed Fowler in charge of Network Systems. The new role thrusts Fowler, a software specialist, into the uncomfortable position of shepherding Sun's Xeon- and Opteron-based servers. You know - the kit meant to make Sun a success story again but that disobediently hasn't sold well.

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Posted 2004-05-21, 01:27 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

EBS outpaces Sun with Solaris x86 kit

Sun Microsystems garners a lot of press for its Solaris x86 push, but a small company based in Massachusetts is arguably doing more to sell actual product running the operating system.

Electronic Business Solutions (EBS) has just rolled out a new dual processor Opteron-based workstation, which is certified to run both Solaris x86 and Sun's Java Desktop System (JDS) Linux operating system. The new box joins a ruggedized laptop and two-processor Opteron server already certified to run Solaris x86 in EBS's hardware lineup. EBS plans to roll out a four-way Opteron box next month as well.

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Posted 2004-05-19, 01:35 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Low cost, high reliability

Sun Cluster 3.1 4/04 software runs on the Solaris 9 Operating System x86 Platform Edition, delivering mission-critical high availability on Sun's x86-based servers.

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Posted 2004-05-12, 10:22 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Sun considers GPL license for Solaris

Sun Microsystems Inc. may be selling servers running Linux, but that doesn't mean it is cutting back on the evolution of Solaris. Among its plans, the company is considering offering a free, open source version of its flagship operating system, said Jonathan Schwartz, the company's recently appointed president and chief operating officer.

"Maybe we'll GPL it," Schwartz said of Solaris, referring to the GNU General Public License under which the Linux operating system is distributed. "We're still looking at that."

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Posted 2004-05-07, 05:40 GMT by Alan Pae

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