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All the fields of the form are required. In case you manage a large number of machines, please pick up the most representative ones. Specify them filling in the form below and give the number of similar systems.

A. Your system details
A1. Solaris version:
A2. Sun support contract:
 Yes     No   
A3. Role:
 mail server     web server     ftp server     file server     database server     dns     firewall     workstation     mobile   
A4. Business sector:
A5. Mission critical:
 Yes     No   
A6. Works 24/7:
 Yes     No   
A7. Total uptime:
A8. Brand:
A9. CPU manufacturer:
A10. Number of CPUs:
A11. Memory size (MB):
A12. Total HDD capacity (GB):
A13. HDD Type:
A14. RAID:
 Yes     No   
A15. The number of similar machines:
B. Identify yourself
B1. Country:
B2. Region:
B3. Your name:
B4. Your e-mail:
Your e-mail address is for verification of the above data only. It will never be passed to a third-party, nor displayed in any form. After the form is submitted an e-mail will be sent to this address in order to complete submission. Please enter a valid address, since otherwise the submission can not be completed.

Last modified: 2003-02-01