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 Installing Solaris 8 x86

Explains the basics of the installation procedure of Solaris 8 x86 operating environment. A complete description for every single step in the procedure is given.

Written by Keith Parkansky

 Using the CDE GUI

Common Desktop Environment is the default Solaris Xwindow system. A couple of tips on how to use it are given.

Written by Keith Parkansky

 Configuring networking

How to configure a Solaris x86 machine in a network. Most common scenarion is considered: the machine is equipped with a network card, the IP/netmask is given, and DNS is used for name service.

Written by Keith Parkansky

 Configuring Sendmail

To make a Solaris system to act as a mail server for your domain you can configure Sendmail that comes with Solaris.

Written by Keith Parkansky

 Configuring Apache

It is relatively easy to setup and run a web server on Solaris. Apache sofware comes in standard distribution of Solaris 8. Its common configuration assuming a single web site, as well as virtual hosting, are treated in the tutorial.

Written by Keith Parkansky

 Installing Solaris using JumpStart technology on an Intel laptop

An interesting use of Solaris 8 on a PC laptop is for use with the JumpStart technology. It has never been so easy to install, re-install, or restore a server before.

Written by Andreas Almroth

 Restoring a Sun system using JumpStart technology

This article explains how to backup Sun systems using ufsrestore over NFS, and how to use Sun's JumpStart technology to restore Sun servers and workstations over the network.

Written by Andreas Almroth

 Realtek 8139 based NIC installation

Realtek 8139 is one of the most popular chip on today's NIC market. There are many branded and unbranded network cards based on that chip available at very reasonable prices. The tutorial explains how to install Realtek's driver for Solaris x86.

Written by Jürgen Keil and Mariusz Zynel

 Installing SunScreen

This note is my practise on installing SunScreen 3.2 for Solaris 9. I hope this note will be able to provide some help to Sunscreen beginners like me.

Written by Vu Pham

 Diagnosing random crashes

It is very annoying when some machine, that worked for months under one OS, unexpectedly panics under another OS. This sometimes happens when Solaris x86 is being installed. The article explains the causes of such panics and suggests solutions.

Written by Al Hoper

 Multi-booting Solaris and other operating systems
 A collection of various Howto-s and more
 Solaris x86 miscellaneous hints

Last modified: 2003-08-10