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Solaris 9 x86 packages on Sunfreeware.com

Solaris 9 for Intel(x86) packages now will be offered I have now begun to offer /usr/local packages for Solaris 9 compiled on the Intel processor family. In the next few weeks, most programs for Solaris 8 will also be available for Solaris 9. Note that in many cases, packages compiled already for Solaris 8 have proven to work fine on Solaris 9 systems.

More: Sunfreeware.com

Posted 2003-01-27, 20:50 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Sun releases Solaris upgrade featuring bundled app server

SUN MICROSYSTEMS ON Friday officially released a version of it Solaris operating system that features a bundled application server and runs on Intel x86 hardware.

Support for Intel x86 on Solaris is re-established with Version 9 12/02. Despite reports that said Sun was abandoning x86 on Solaris, Moffitt said this was never the case; the project merely was delayed.

Haff said Sparc still remains the primary platform for Solaris. "X86 Intel is not nearly as strategic a platform as Solaris for Sparc; however, it is widely used," he said.

Haff, however, asserted that Sun did indeed want to end the x86 version of Solaris. "There was certainly a school of thought within Sun that said Solaris on Intel wasn't something that was worth bringing forward," Haff said.

More: InfoWorld

Posted 2003-01-18, 12:41 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Time to celebrate!

After a year of a strugle we have our Solaris x86 back. 14-th January 2003 Sun made Solaris 9 x86 media available to buy. Four days earlier we could download it through Free Solaris Binary License Program. It is definitely time to celebrate!

Posted 2003-01-10, 03:00 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

It's back: Sun posts download of Solaris 9 x86

ENDING NEARLY A year of debate with its users, Sun Microsystems on Monday made available on its Web site an early-access version of its Solaris 9 operating system that runs on Intel-compatible processors.

"We've had some issues in the past about our commitment to this product," said John Loiacono, vice president of operating platforms at Sun. "Well, now we are jumping in with two feet on this thing. We are going hog wild. You are going to see over the next two to three months additional enhancements to Solaris as a whole, which will have Solaris x86 as a key component."

More: InfoWorld

Posted 2002-11-26, 22:14 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

The Sun Rises Over Intel Once More

I hate it when I'm dead wrong. Back in September, I wrote that Solaris on Intel was as dead as a Norwegian Blue Parrot. Then, early this month, Sun let it slip-they never officially announced it-that Solaris 9 on Intel is back.

Why? Well, according to Graham Lovell, Sun's Director of OS Marketing, Solaris on Intel was never completely dead. Beta code had actually been produced and was being kept in "cold storage." But because "we didn't see a market for it" Sun stopped developments and plans for Solaris 9 on Intel.

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Posted 2002-10-24, 01:34 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

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