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Sun discusses Solaris 9 for x86

After a long delay, Sun has announced plans to release a version of Solaris 9 for x86 processors. SearchSolaris.com spoke with Chris Baker, Sun's Product Manager for Solaris x86, about his company's decision to charge for the formerly free operating system and the level of support users can expect once they buy.

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Posted 2002-10-11, 06:30 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Sun changes course, will offer Solaris for Intel-based PCs

Bowing to user demands, Sun Microsystems said Friday that it would make its Solaris 9 operating system available for computers that use Intel-compatible processors. But unlike previous versions, users will have to pay for the new software.

On Friday, Sun Chief Marketing Officer John Loiacono said the company would now make Solaris 9 for Intel-based computers available to customers for $99 for a single-processor system. The software will be available in January, and in the meantime customers will be able to download an early version of the code for $20. Service contracts for support and maintenance will cost extra.

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Posted 2002-10-06, 16:57 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

In Reversal, Sun to Ship $99 Solaris 9 x86

Sun Microsystems Inc. on Friday will announce plans to release an unbundled version of the Solaris 9 operating environment for non-Sun x86 hardware for $99 for a single CPU system.

The announcement brings to an end months of uncertainty about Sun's intentions in this regard. In early January the Palo Alto, Calif., company announced that it had decided to defer the productization of the Solaris 9 Intel version; a week later it announced plans to meet a group of customers and developers to try to work out a compromise; and in August it announced that it would only support Solaris 9 on Sun x86 hardware.

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Posted 2002-10-04, 14:25 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

The latest in a series of announcements

This is the latest in a series of announcements to update you on Solaris (x86 Platform Edition).

To date we have delivered the LX50 server with Solaris 8, and have committed to ship and support Solaris 9 on this system.

Sun has also been working with members of the user community to define a sustainable business model for Solaris x86. The aim is to address the needs of the user community on the one hand, and to satisfy Sun's business requirements on the other. With the assistance of the community representatives, we are in the final stages of defining such a program.

We had hoped by today to be in a position to talk about future plans, and to honor the commitment we made at the Sun Network show. However we still need more time to work on the details. There will be a followup announcement in the near future - I think you'll all be pleased by the outcome.

My warmest regards to all

Chris Baker - Snr. Product Manager, Solaris x86

Posted Sept 30, 2002 to solarisonintel@yahoo.com

Posted 2002-10-01, 23:07 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Cyber cynic: Solaris on Intel -- forget about it already

Way, way back in 1993 when I ran a Unix feature for PC Magazine, I helped review the first version of Solaris for Intel. I noticed at the time that Solaris on Intel wasn't the equal of Solaris on SPARC.

Some things never changed. Solaris on Intel was never the equal of Solaris on SPARC. Why? Well, after hanging out with the Solaris guys who were a bit tipsy at trade shows, they told me that Sun has never, ever wanted Solaris on Intel to be a real competitor to Solaris on SPARC.

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Posted 2002-09-20, 01:04 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

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