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Sun takes the wraps off of Solaris 10

Between settling lawsuits with Microsoft, litigating over Java, releasing x86 servers, and embracing Linux, Sun has somehow found the time to finish up and unveil Solaris 10, the latest version of its operating system. In development for a number of years, Solaris 10 cost over US$500 million in research and development and boasts over 600 new features. The cost? Nothing. Due to be officially released in January 2005, Solaris 10 will be a free release, with Sun charging a fee for subscriptions and other support.

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Posted 2004-11-16, 22:14 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Solaris 10: Sun Struts Its Stuff, Details New Opportunities

"Solaris 10 is the biggest thing Sun has done in the past nine years, pretty much since our first SPARC hardware launch," McNealy said.

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Posted 2004-11-16, 22:12 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Sun Ready to Open Solaris

Sun Microsystems Inc. is getting closer to making its Open Solaris project, along with the final pieces of Solaris 10, a reality.

At its quarterly SunNetwork Conference, to be held at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, Calif., Nov. 15, Sun will unveil Open Solaris and give final pricing and other details for Solaris 10. The Santa Clara, Calif., company is also expected to announce an annual subscription-type licensing model for Solaris 10, due by year's end.

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Posted 2004-11-02, 20:07 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Sun's Extreme Makeover

Next month, Sun is bringing out Solaris 10, an upgrade to its flagship Unix operating system that's more finely tuned for x86 microprocessors.

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Posted 2004-10-25, 11:19 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Cross-platform packaging facility OpenPKG 2.2 released

The OpenPKG project released version 2.2 of their unique RPM-based cross-platform Unix software packaging facility. OpenPKG 2.2 consists of 528 selected (from a pool of 800) packages which include latest versions of popular Unix software like Apache, Bash, BIND, GCC, INN, Mozilla, MySQL, OpenSSH, Perl, Postfix, PostgreSQL, Samba, Squid, teTeX and Vim -- all carefully packaged for easy deployment on 18 different Unix platforms, including FreeBSD 4.10/5.3, Debian GNU/Linux 3.0/3.1, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, Fedora Core 2, SuSE Linux 9.0/9.1, and especially Sun Solaris 2.6/8/9/10 on both SPARC and iX86 platforms. The major technical efforts for this release were spent on reducing the requirements on the underlying Unix platforms and further improving the portability of our packages. Additionally, we ensured that a smooth upgrade path exists from OpenPKG 2.1.

More: The OpenPKG Project

Posted 2004-10-20, 15:29 GMT by Ralf S. Engelschall

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