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Porting Guidelines for Solaris[tm] Operating System, x86 Platform Edition

Porting an application to the SolarisTM Operating System (Solaris OS) (x86 Platform Edition) involves a number of considerations, including the nature of the application components, the source code, driver code, version control, etc. If the application is written in JavaTM programming language, however, the value of "Write Once, Run AnywhereTM" becomes apparent, suggest the authors of this white paper.

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Posted 2004-07-11, 01:45 GMT by Alan Pae

Sun Plans to Open Nearly All of Solaris Source Code

Sources familiar with the company's plans told CRN at JavaOne 2004 that Sun is not going to simply open up bits and pieces of the millions of lines of code in Solaris, Sun's popular Unix-based operating system. The vendor plans to open up nearly all of the OS's source code, including, "all the rocket science," one Sun employee who requested anonymity said.

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Posted 2004-07-03, 01:06 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Sun returns to old haunts

The 64-bit Opteron CPU is the perfect successor to 32-bit Sparc. In Fowler?s words, AMD?s flagship processor gave Sun?s engineers the power to ?uncripple? Solaris for non-Sparc systems. A recent update to Solaris 9 improves Opteron?s performance in 32-bit mode. The 32-bit Solaris 10 in testing is stable enough for limited production use, Fowler said. When Solaris 10 goes 64-bit on Opteron, it will run a mix of 32-bit and 64-bit Solaris and Linux apps, without performance penalties, on Sun servers and workstations with one to eight processors.

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Posted 2004-06-29, 22:02 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Sun slams Red Hat

On July 13, Sun will roll out a new Opteron-based workstation code-named Metropolis. A short while later, Sun will also roll out a 4-way Opteron server - the V40z. These two new boxes along with Sun's existing V20z 2-way server were all designed by Newisys. Sun plans to roll out in-house designed gear that is said, by many industry insiders, to be nothing less than fantastic later this year.

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Posted 2004-06-28, 17:12 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Sun to push developer package, Opteron

A new program from Sun Microsystems will aim to lure programmers to three technologies it considers crucial: Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron processor, the Solaris operating system and the Java programming environment.

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Posted 2004-06-26, 01:19 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

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