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Fujitsu announces new servers with 90-nanometer chips

Fujitsu Ltd. became the latest chip maker to introduce a 90-nanometer product with the launch of a faster version of its Sparc64 V processor for enterprise servers, the company announced Tuesday.

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Posted 2004-06-23, 06:11 GMT by Alan Pae

VMWare for Solaris x86

VMWare announced experimental support of their virtual machine software for Solaris x86 9 and 10 aka (Solaris Express).

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Posted 2004-06-19, 01:04 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Fowler Talks Up Sun's x86 Prospects

"Coming from nowhere, as we are in the x86 market," Fowler explained, "we can do almost anything." As you might imagine, Fowler is absolutely behind the subscription-based pricing that Schwartz is championing for all Sun products, including servers. He is particularly enthusiastic about this approach for a good reason. "If we have Solaris on the box, it gives me the option of picking up margin on the whole software stack."

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Posted 2004-06-18, 18:22 GMT by Mariusz Zynel

Sun, Red Hat gird for traditional OS battle

Three months before the latest deluge of quarterly news from Sun, including more indications that Solaris could turn open source, I asked Open Source Initiative president Eric Raymond--who had just written an open letter to Sun about open sourcing Java--whether he'd consider asking Sun to open source Solaris as well.

Raymond responded, "Who the hell cares about Solaris? On current trends, Linux is going to crush it like a grape within three years."

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Posted 2004-06-13, 12:57 GMT by Mariusz Zynel


SCO financial losses mount

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Posted 2004-06-11, 05:18 GMT by Alan Pae

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